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Thread: Lets start rating our MI reps before the election. We need to get this started now.

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    Lets start rating our MI reps before the election. We need to get this started now.

    It's a start, but we need to come up with an easy way to do this together. Ideas?

    Party District Member Bad for MMJ Good for MMJ
    D 1 Young, Coleman II
    D 2 Johnson, Bert
    D 3 Hood, Morris W III
    D 4 Smith, Virgil
    D 5 Hunter, Tupac A.
    D 6 Anderson, Glenn
    R 7 Colbeck, Patrick
    D 8 Hopgood, Hoon-Yung
    D 9 Bieda, Steven M
    R 10 Rocca, Tory
    R 11 Brandenburg, Jack
    R 12 Marleau, Jim
    R 13 Pappageorge, John
    D 14 Gregory, Vincent
    R 15 Kowall, Mike
    R 16 Caswell, Bruce
    R 17 Richardville, Randy
    D 18 Warren, Rebekah
    R 19 Nofs, Mike
    R 20 Schuitmaker, Tonya
    R 21 Proos, John
    R 22 Hune, Joe
    D 23 Whitmer, Gretchen
    R 24 Jones, Rick
    R 25 Pavlov, Phil
    R 26 Robertson, David B
    D 27 Gleason, John
    R 28 Jansen, Mark
    R 29 Hildenbrand, Dave
    R 30 Meekhof, Arlan B
    R 31 Green, Mike
    R 32 Kahn, Roger
    R 33 Emmons, Judy K
    R 34 Hansen, Goeff
    R 35 Booher, Darwin L
    R 36 Moolenaar, John
    R 37 Walker, Howard
    R 38 Casperson, Tom

    R Lt. Gov Brian Calley

    Find your Senator - Michigan State Senate: Find Your Senator

    House of Representitives
    Party District Member Bad for MMJ Good for MMJ
    D 1 Timothy Bledsoe
    D 2 Lisa Howze
    D 3 Alberta Tinsley Talabi
    D 4 Maureen L. Stapleton
    D 5 John Olumba
    D 6 Frederick C. Durhal Jr.
    D 7 James Womack
    D 8 Thomas Stallworth III
    D 9 Shanelle Jackson
    D 10 Harvey Santana
    D 11 David E. Nathan
    D 12 Rashida Tlaib
    D 13 Andrew J. Kandrevas
    D 14 Paul Clemente
    D 15 George T. Darany
    D 16 Bob Constan
    D 17 Phil Cavanagh
    D 18 Richard LeBlanc
    R 19 John J. Walsh
    R 20 Kurt Heise
    D 21 Dian Slavens
    D 22 Douglas A. Geiss
    R 23 Pat Somerville
    R 24 Anthony G. Forlini
    D 25 Jon M. Switalski
    D 26 Jim Townsend
    D 27 Ellen Cogen Lipton
    D 28 Lesia Liss
    D 29 Tim Greimel
    R 30 Jeff Farrington
    D 31 Marilyn Lane
    R 32 Andrea LaFontaine
    R 33 Ken Goike
    D 34 Woodrow Stanley
    D 35 Rudy Hobbs
    R 36 Peter J. Lund
    D 37 Vicki Barnett
    R 38 Hugh D. Crawford
    D 39 Lisa Brown
    R 40 Charles Moss
    R 41 Martin Knollenberg
    D 42 Harold L. Haugh
    R 43 Gail Haines
    R 44 Eileen Kowall
    R 45 Tom McMillin
    R 46 Bradford C. Jacobsen
    R 47 Cynthia S. Denby
    D 48 Richard E. Hammel
    D 49 Jim Ananich
    D 50 Charles Smiley
    R 51 Joseph Graves
    R 52 Mark Ouimet
    D 53 Jeff Irwin
    D 54 David Rutledge
    R 55 Rick Olson
    R 56 Dale W. Zorn
    R 57 Nancy E. Jenkins
    R 58 Kenneth Kurtz
    R 59 Matthew J. Lori
    D 60 Sean McCann
    R 61 Margaret E. O'Brien
    D 62 Kate Segal
    R 63 Jase Bolger
    R 64 Earl Poleski
    R 65 Michael Shirkey
    R 66 William Rogers
    D 67 Barb Byrum
    D 68 Joan Bauer
    D 69 Mark S. Meadows
    R 70 Rick Outman
    R 71 Deb Lynn Shaughnessy
    R 72 Ken Yonker
    R 73 Peter MacGregor
    R 74 David Agema
    D 75 Brandon Dillon
    R 76 Roy Schmidt
    R 77 Thomas B. Hooker
    R 78 Sharon Tyler
    R 79 Al Pscholka
    R 80 Aric Nesbitt
    R 81 Judson S. Gilbert II
    R 82 Kevin Daley
    R 83 Paul Muxlow
    R 84 Kurt Damrow
    R 85 Ben Glardon
    R 86 Lisa Posthumus Lyons
    R 87 Mike Callton
    R 88 Robert J. Genetski II
    R 89 Amanda Price
    R 90 Joseph Haveman
    R 91 Holly Hughes
    D 92 Marcia Hovey-Wright
    R 93 Paul E. Opsommer
    R 94 Kenneth B. Horn
    D 95 Stacy Erwin Oakes
    D 96 Charles M. Brunner
    R 97 Joel Johnson
    R 98 Jim Stamas
    R 99 Kevin Cotter
    R 100 Jon Bumstead
    R 101 Ray A. Franz
    R 102 Phil Potvin
    R 103 Bruce R. Rendon
    R 104 Wayne A. Schmidt
    R 105 Greg MacMaster
    R 106 Peter Pettalia
    R 107 Frank Foster
    R 108 Ed McBroom
    D 109 Steven Lindberg
    R 110 Matt Huuki

    Find your Representative - Michigan House of Representatives

    You can download a spreadsheet of this here -
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    I have simplified it to be a simple check box form. The form is now complete with both house and senate. Have at it.

    You can see the results after you click on the submit button.
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    that link looks great... will work the charm.... great job..

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    I like it, will get it filled out after I finish the investigations. The house would be great too, thanks for your effort.

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    Now that I can all of it, lol, this is really nice work Cg. Wish we could post it here to have the nice results show up like you've done. Awesome! I'll try to get to this and fill out what I know, that won't take very long

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    It should show results now after you click on the submit button.
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    Nice work, it's going to take some investigation to find out just where they all stand, maybe during the process we can change some minds. They can't all be that mean, evil and rotten, I think some of their heads have just been filled with crap, sort of like the crap we hear about these bills being good for patients and caregivers. We need to pay close attention to the lawmakers who try and vote Glaucoma out, these are the hardcore haters that must be targeted and eliminated at election time. I would certainly hope that bill would never pass, but even if it does not, the votes will show us who the worst of the bunch are.

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    If each of us takes our own district and works on it, or the neighbors if there is more then one in a district, we might be able to come up with a pretty good idea of where most are at. If we get that far maybe we could split the remaining up?

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    I'll be speaking with mine, Dem. in the House, Repub. in the Senate & I'll be reporting back. If we need to change them, we will.

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