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Thread: Caregiver Status w/Armed Services

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    Caregiver Status w/Armed Services

    Just wondering if entry into one of the Armed Services can be denied because of
    past status as a Caregiver?

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    I have no idea about that. I have never seen/read any mention of that anywhere in our law but military law might have something in it...dunno.
    Hopefully someone that knows will chime in. Interesting question.
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    im guessing YES you will be denied , to them that like being a mass murderer then goin to apply to be police officer...we cant even have guns...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vapor View Post
    ...we cant even have guns...
    What do you mean? Are you saying there are rules that say a caregiver can not have guns? I have my CDL, CCW, and my Medical Marijuana card, no one has ever said anything to me. When I went to renew my Drivers License I even had to piss in a cup for my DOT physical, I have self medicated every day for the past 2 years and knew I would fail, but at that point what the heck, I pissed and to my surprise I got my CDL renewed! They did ask me if I used any illegal drugs which I honestly answered "no" to. I know the local Sheriff and he knows I have a CCW and he also knows I am a caregiver and grow, he has never said anything to me about not mixing the two. He also knows that I, like most around here, am a gun nut and own over a dozen rifles and a registered hand gun. I have read that when people are raided for sec 4 violations they sometimes grap all the guns in the home, but I assumed that was only because of the sec 4 violation. Are you saying they could take my guns even if I am in compliance with sec 4?



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    This is an interesting question. I do not believe it would effect you.

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    Does it say some where that no guns allowed at grow locations? If so, where? Or is it just one of those cops say so things?



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    Guns would come into the scenario if a caregiver were ever charged with a felony for some reason. I am sure it would increase the charges to commision of a felony while in possesion of a firearm. That means extra years in the hotel.
    If there were a federal charge (since mj is illegal federaly) I am sure they would add the firearm charge also. As far as a specific law, I don't believe there is one in Michigan that says you cannot have a firearm if you are a patient or a caregiver. ATF says you cannot, but this is their opinion and not any law that I am aware of.

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    If you are a non using caregiver I don't know how they would handle it but if you think about ATF and their feeling about schedule I drugs and firearms I doubt they would turn a blind eye.

    ATF Open Letter to FFL's Regarding Medical Marijuana

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhigh_george View Post
    Just wondering if entry into one of the Armed Services can be denied because of
    past status as a Caregiver?
    I would anonymously ask a military recruiter this question.

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