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Thread: Tiger Time

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    Tiger Time

    Ok, it is officially the second half of mlb and our Tigers are making their move to the Top of the Division. White Sox and Indians fading like and old towell out in the sun.
    Prince proves he is royalty and Miggy keeps on keeping on as one of Baseball's best Batters. Jv is great as usuall, Smyly was the Rookie to come out of spring training and when healthy performed very well. Max is close to the lead in KO's just a little behind JV, what potential for a dominating staff. If we get Dempster or Garza from the Cubs we will be real hard to beat down the stretch. Double D always makes a good move when needed to finish up a great year. As the weather heated up in July so did our Terrific Tigers. It is officially the Time to reply Tiger Time anytime anyone ask what time is it.
    "Its not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up to fight that matters the most"

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