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Thread: Why do dispensaries want buds so trimed?

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    Why do dispensaries want buds so trimed?

    It is a pet peeve of mine but I hate the way the local dispensaries want buds trimmed. If what they want trimmed off is so bad, why does everyone make bubble hash out of it then? I had one once brag he had buds so hard he could throw them at the wall and they would bounce. What difference does it make if a gram is the size of a gold ball or a base ball as long as the THC/CBD levels are there?

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    I have a buddy like that. He claims the little bit of extra leaf makes it too harsh for him. He fancies himself to be a weed snob.
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    what is derived from those well scalded buds? Tons of trichomes. Trichomes make wax/budders/oils/bubble hash. This is a huge industry as we all know worth good money. This is free money for the most part also. Use a loop next time you examine nugs at a disp. not that low power magnifier they offer. Most nugs are void of the trich heads? Those auto trimmers cuts it close and collects a large amount of the trichs. not good. hand trimmed is best for the end user the patient.

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    If the bud leaf is more than 50% covered with trichomes I leave it. Why cut the medicine off?
    I spin-pro the product for the weed snob, then I make hash from the trim...and vape it myself....hahaha....i'm evil like that.
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    you can do a club cut-- very fine and magazine like....( can also bring the biggest donation if it looks perfect)

    a butcher cut--cuts into bud more and gives better shake for concentrates

    a green trim...trim most leaves off the bud while green and gives you a jump to be in the bag

    a 50/50cut where you take most of the suckers off and the person acquiring it can do the rest for a discounted donation...less work for them...better donation room for you...less

    I always leave the suckers on old guy style to protect my medicines trichomes from falling off...and trim as I need to...on demand....heck I leave it hanging till I need to trim it...I believe it cures better slower

    you can also make a Kief machine with a chicken rotisserie motor and thro your trimmed meds in there and Kief it .....then put it out for donation---
    I have seen clubs that do this....evil!

    but you get some nice kief--

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    I saw a shop once put buds in a jewelry cleaning machine they had removed the liquid and put in a 40 micron screen. Set the buds in and turn on the vibrating and the tri-combs fall like rain in a storm, decided not to buy or sell there.

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    thats why dispencery bud does nothing for me.

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