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Thread: Why do dispensaries want buds so trimed?

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    Seems the dispesaries don't want any "agruments" about the weight of the bud being affected by extra leaf material from the "weed snob" patient demographic.

    Folks that find "excess leaf" makes their medicine too harsh to smoke shouldn't be smoking the meds anyway.

    I always encourage my patients and students to use a vaporizer for their medicine if they can't get Rick Simpson Oil.

    When your really talking about the medical use of marijuana Simpson Oil is the best method for getting the cannabinoids to destroy the cancer.

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    Frank you think that the oil is the best way to get cannabinoids? What about juicing and edibles, do they "deliver" the cannabinoids as well as the oil?

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    I think the Simpson Oil is the best, quantifiable method of treating with cannabis.

    The nice thing with the oil extract is that the amount of medicine can be dosed with a greater level of accuracy, and the Oil is active after extraction and does not require further heating/smoking like Butane Honey Oil.

    The ready-to-use aspect of the Simpson Oil is very important for patients who don't want to be, or cannot be bothered with the rituals usually associated with "consuming" cannabis.

    I'm generally against medibles for two reasons:
    1. Tasty food can be accidentally eaten by non-patients (Kids and Brownies DO NOT MIX!)
    2. Its hard to determine the does of medicine a patient is getting from a "piece" of brownie.
    a. I consider butters and tinctures to be hard to quantify as well
    b. It is possible to say, "This muffin has 2 grams of meds in it," but with what certainty can it be said how much trichomes do those 2 grams have in them?

    The Oil also takes out the variable of how much trichomes a gives bud may have.
    Two buds both measuring 1 gram can have drastically different amount of trichomes.

    My only concern with extractions, like Simpson Oil, is that it does involve the use of flamable solvents, and does pose risks to caregivers and patients attempting extraction with unsafe methods and/or practices.
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    Why can't butane oil be heated for acid conversion? If heated to the right temp, wont that work? Take a batch after extraction and heat to temp, cool and dispense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afi View Post
    Why can't butane oil be heated for acid conversion? If heated to the right temp, wont that work? Take a batch after extraction and heat to temp, cool and dispense.
    Sure that would work as well.

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    I made "simpson oil" back in the 70's when I lived in Grand Rapids, of course it was called hash oil but it was made the same way. It often left a peanut butter or some other odd taste in your mouth after smoking or eating it, I even once had some people run it up and they said it left odd tastes in their mouths too. I now make all my oil with butane, no one has ever noticed a "taste" left behind.

    My point being: Simpson oil has a ton of bad as well as good stuff in it, I think simpson oil was a crude starting point that we are best to move past. It is simply too easy to heat oil made from Butane-N to temp to convert acids. I would never ask anyone to consume that ugly black tar looking stuff when see through honey oil is easier to make.

    Just my opinion, to each their own


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    Yes, non polar solvents leave the chlorophyll and other polar soluble components behind giving you a much cleaner extraction.
    The Simpson method leaves me with a bunch of questions. For instance, the butane extraction is very clean and you can do a heated purge that will decarb and get rid of any of the solvent left behind, there anything that happens using the Simpson hot method that you wouldn't achieve with a cold butane extraction versus the cold extraction? Maybe something extra happens (besides the decarb) because of the heat?

    Furthermore, there is a running rift between the group of people that recommend using food grade alcohol instead of Simpsons recommended naphtha or iso alcohol. They call their final product FECO - full extract cannabis oil. The do a soak instead of a quick wash.
    So many different methods with untested lab results. Both claim good success killing cancers.

    I would also like to see the testing facilities be able to check for solvents left behind, if they aren't already doing so. I have never seen a test sheet that show that info, but I have never sent anything out for test.

    Also of interest is something RoofratMI mentioned in a previous post, the blending of a high thc extract with a high cbd extract to achieve a 1:1 cbd-thc ratio as optimal for killing cancers.

    Sorry to blather on but I find it interesting. It's a puzzle that needs to be cracked and the medical community doesn't appear to be moving on it.....much.
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    Great in depth info and thoughts. I've never heard of FECO before. roofs oil is extremely clean without the chlorophyll and if this is what is killing the cancer then perhaps the chlorophyll does not aid in treating it. Does the chlorophyll have properties that might be beneficial or does it matter when it comes to treating cancer and other disease and disorders. Like you Cg I have the same questions and it would be of great interest to see lab results not only of the solvents possibly left behind but what properties are in each shown on a chart with side by side comparisons.

    A study showing long term beneficial effects of using one or the other could be very valuable info on how best to treat cancer.

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    Personally I like my buds to have some leaf on them ( less then 1/4" in size. If cured properly they do not make the bud harsh when smoking
    To me an over trimmed bud is a waste of my time and money.
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    They fall all apart if you trim them too close at least thats been my experience. I trim them well but don't massacre the poor babies like it sounds they want them.,

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