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  1. North Korea rescinds invite to seek Bae release, Jesse Jackson offers to go: U.S. off
  2. 11 dead after wrong-way car crashes in Florida and California
  3. Sisters of Iowa politician found dead in their Pittsburgh home
  4. At least four killed in wrong-way driver crash in California
  5. Boston plans gun buybacks after shooting death of 9-year-old
  6. Roads resemble parking lots after snowfall in Little Rock, Ark
  7. Celebrity fight between rapper DMX, George Zimmerman called off
  8. U.S. Justice Department to expand rights of gay married couples
  9. U.S. Justice Department to expand rights of same-sex couples
  10. Ex U.S. vice president's wife Joan Mondale eulogized
  11. Al Capone's gangster mansion on the market in Miami Beach
  12. Former Chicago Mayor Daley leaves hospital
  13. Six adults, two children shot to death in Guatemala jungle
  14. Roads resemble parking lots after snowfall in Little Rock, Ark
  15. Ohio governor delays planned execution using two-drug method
  16. U.S. Customs' drones back in air after crash investigation
  17. Wisconsin baby's aunt charged in kidnap of six-day-old nephew
  18. U.S. orders priority propane supplies to ease shortage
  19. Three convicted of some charges tied to 2012 Chicago NATO plot
  20. Judge denies bail for retired Florida cop in fatal movie shooting
  21. U.S. missionary said moved back to North Korean labor camp
  22. 11 students face hazing charge at University of Georgia
  23. Seven adults, two children shot to death in Guatemala jungle
  24. U.S. company recalls 8.7 million lbs of beef parts
  25. Two jump off bridge into Arkansas river to avoid truck, one missing
  26. Judge denies bail for retired Florida cop in fatal movie shooting
  27. U.S. missionary said moved back to North Korean labor camp
  28. U.S. safety board blames captain for 2012 Bounty sinking
  29. Obama administration delays part of health law's employer mandate
  30. Louisiana Obamacare insurer unmoved by legal challenge on its AIDS policy
  31. Gay rights activists arrested in Utah after statehouse sit-in
  32. Tokyo-New York flight diverted to Alaska, passenger in custody
  33. Large blast reported at New Hampshire ball bearing factory
  34. U.S. attorney general Holder says he will stay on well into 2014
  35. Judge OKs evidence from accused Colorado gunman's computers, phones
  36. California gets two more years to reduce prison overcrowding
  37. Colorado teen who set himself ablaze at high school dies
  38. New bride dies while BASE jumping in Utah park
  39. Two shot at Georgia supermarket as crowd shops for storm supplies
  40. U.S. says Social Security computer outage to affect HealthCare.gov
  41. Georgia government advises caution ahead of second rare snowfall
  42. Conservative group files civil rights suit against Wisconsin investigators
  43. New York mayor says pre-K funded by wealthy tax still essential
  44. White House 'disappointed' invitation withdrawn for North Korea visit
  45. Ex U.S. vice president's wife Joan Mondale eulogized
  46. Alcohol suspected as factor in death of Ohio university student
  47. Graft and credibility in focus as New Orleans ex-mayor trial winds down
  48. Lawmakers call NFL on Redskins name: it's an insult, not honor
  49. Detroit will file plan to adjust its debt next week: attorney
  50. Biggest cockfighting bust in New York history nets 3,000 birds
  51. Obama to discuss California drought in Fresno stop this week
  52. Seven adults, two children shot to death in Guatemala jungle
  53. U.S. safety board blames captain for 2012 Bounty sinking
  54. Pacific storm eases California drought, but state has long way to go
  55. Prosecution wraps up case in Florida loud music murder trial
  56. Graft and credibility in focus as New Orleans ex-mayor trial winds down
  57. Bills to legalize medical marijuana introduced in Florida
  58. Nevada drops defense of state gay marriage ban, citing changed landscape
  59. White House again delays healthcare mandate for employers
  60. "Person of interest" to be named in Maryland girls' 1975 disappearance
  61. Conservative group files civil rights suit against Wisconsin investigators
  62. Mexican man gets 30 years in U.S. 'Fast and Furious' case
  63. White House again delays healthcare mandate for employers
  64. Delaware doctor in waterboard trial says slapped 'defiant' girl
  65. Mexican national sentenced to 30 years in U.S. 'Fast and Furious' case
  66. Julia Roberts's half sister Nancy Motes found dead
  67. 18 North Carolina patients may have been exposed to rare brain disease
  68. Prosecutors say neo-Nazi killed Colorado prison chief, pizza delivery man
  69. Aide to disgraced former San Diego mayor settles sex harassment suit
  70. Explosion at New Hampshire ball bearing plant injures 10-15
  71. Ex-Wisconsin medical examiner sentenced after taking body parts to train dog
  72. Gay rights activists arrested in Utah after statehouse sit-in
  73. California vows to press ahead with climate change programs
  74. Package explodes in Tennessee, one dead, one hurt
  75. Shirley Temple, former Hollywood child star, dies at 85
  76. Trawl the Net, says Congress report on U.S. security clearances
  77. Majority of Americans support normalizing relations with Cuba: poll
  78. 18 North Carolina patients may have been exposed to rare brain disease
  79. Idaho's top court grants adoptive rights to spouse in gay marriage
  80. Pentagon weapons buyer sees tough choices from tight budgets
  81. Toss-up seen in race to succeed San Diego's disgraced ex-mayor
  82. One dead, one partly buried in Colorado avalanche: officials
  83. Doctor in Delaware waterboarding trial admits to injuring stepdaughter
  84. Lawsuit: New York state shortchanged city schools during recession
  85. Obama defends latest delay to his healthcare law
  86. New hopes for U.S. data breach law collide with old reality
  87. Majority of Americans favor closer U.S.-Cuba ties: poll
  88. U.S. drug czar urges police to carry heroin overdose treatment
  89. Fired worker threatened to bomb Jewish student center in Seattle
  90. Washington state governor declares death penalty moratorium
  91. U.S. spy chief: Russia "certainly" a suspect in diplomat comment flap
  92. Explosion causes fire at Chevron natural gas well in Pennsylvania
  93. Suit claims New York state shortchanged city schools during recession
  94. Modified AR-15 rifles in low demand: NY shop owners
  95. Heavy ice and snow threaten travel again in U.S. South
  96. Deliberations suspended in New Orleans ex-mayor graft trial
  97. Hot economy, cold comfort: North Dakota's homeless problem
  98. Accused shooter testifies in Florida loud music murder trial
  99. FBI offers reward for tips on lasers shone into aircraft cockpits
  100. Texas couples go to court to overturn same-sex marriage ban
  101. Massachusetts college lifts lockdown after 'erroneous' report
  102. States should lift life bans on voting for ex-felons: Attorney General
  103. Schools locked down in NY's Nassau County after reports of gunman
  104. California man gets 22 years in keeping relative as sex slave
  105. Md. teen among first openly gay Scouts to achieve top rank after ban lift
  106. Maryland police link convict to decades-old case of missing girls
  107. Skier killed in Colorado avalanche, tenth U.S. death this season
  108. New Jersey traffic jam victims ask Christie to resign, if he knew
  109. U.S. can keep Guantanamo hunger strikers alive by force: court
  110. Doctor in Delaware waterboarding trial admits injuring stepdaughter
  111. UAW's future hinges on vote at Volkswagen'sTennessee plant
  112. Obama defends latest delay to his healthcare law
  113. One missing after blast at Chevron gas well in Pennsylvania
  114. Suspect arrested after school lockdown in NY's Nassau County
  115. Deadly ice and snow storm bears down on U.S. South
  116. U.S. House approves 'clean' debt limit after Republicans drop demands
  117. Accused shooter takes stand in Florida loud music murder trial
  118. Probe continues into fatal blast at Tennessee home
  119. Avalanche kills two skiers, injures two others, in Oregon
  120. Former U.S. Border Patrol union chief cleared of fraud charges
  121. Judge blocks warrantless searches of Oregon drug database
  122. Republican wins San Diego race to succeed disgraced ex-mayor
  123. Lawyers for accused Boston Marathon bomber due in court
  124. One dead, two critically hurt in New York City bus, truck crash
  125. Winter exposes weakness in U.S. natgas supply network
  126. Florida murderer of nine-year-old Jimmy Ryce facing execution Wednesday
  127. Kentucky must honor out-of-state same-sex marriages -judge
  128. Limits on marijuana advertising land Colorado in court
  129. Deadly winter storm snarls travel, closes offices in northeast
  130. Analysis: Judge throws manufacturers a lifeline with asbestos ruling
  131. U.S. says 3.3 million have enrolled in private Obamacare coverage
  132. U.S. judge blocks sale of controversial execution drug to Missouri
  133. Former New Orleans mayor guilty of graft in Katrina recovery
  134. Former U.S. Vice President Mondale recovering after heart surgery
  135. Trial of Delaware doctor accused of abusing stepdaughter goes to jury
  136. Man suspected in 30 bank robberies arrested in Seattle
  137. U.S. Congress approves debt limit increase after Senate drama
  138. Cuban immigrant executed for 1995 murder of Florida boy
  139. Sinkhole gobbles up eight vintage Corvettes at Kentucky museum
  140. U.S. Congress approves debt limit hike after Senate drama
  141. Milwaukee Catholic archdiocese plans compensation fund for abuse victims
  142. Amid criticism, California to modify solitary confinement rules
  143. Norfolk Southern train carrying crude oil derails in Pennsylvania
  144. Union vote has nothing to do with adding vehicle line: Volkswagen
  145. Florida jury deliberating verdict in loud music murder trial
  146. Boston officials set memorial for victims of marathon bombing
  147. Blast rocks NiSource Kentucky Columbia Gulf natgas pipeline
  148. Kroger sued for not telling 'Simple Truth' on chicken labels
  149. Portland, Maine, panhandling ban violates First Amendment: judge
  150. Threat of global disease outbreaks spawns 27-nation pact
  151. NSA memo confirms Snowden scammed passwords from colleagues
  152. Mississippi lawmakers move forward on 20-week abortion ban
  153. New York City draws fire for keeping schools open in blizzard
  154. U.S. drops citation against man whose bride died BASE-jumping in Utah
  155. California lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks
  156. Bones examined from Chevron fire site in Pennsylvania
  157. Fire in chemical storage shed forces evacuation of Iowa town
  158. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' author, museum settle lawsuit over book
  159. Father of suspected Craigslist killer calls daughter a liar
  160. U.S. takes steps to bolster patent system, cut frivolous lawsuits
  161. Two men plead guilty in 2011 Dodger Stadium beating
  162. Saudi relation of 9/11 attacker pleads guilty to tanker bomb plots
  163. Nebraska ruling could grant Obama breathing space on Keystone
  164. Cuban windsurfer missing after attempting to cross Florida Straits
  165. Venture capitalist in bid to split California into six states
  166. Colorado lawmaker leaves behind loaded handgun in state Capitol
  167. Authorities lift evacuation order for Iowa town
  168. Man called muse for 'Wolf of Wall Street' charged with fraud
  169. Oregon says will not defend state ban on gay marriage
  170. Lottery officials wait for winner of $425 million Powerball to step up
  171. Maryland mulls repealing Civil War pro-slavery amendment
  172. Latest shoe bomb threat linked to al-Qaeda's Yemen affiliate
  173. New York police surveillance of Muslims constitutional: judge
  174. Arizona lawmakers pass bill to allow faith-based refusal of services
  175. Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper pleads not guilty to rape
  176. Mexico criticizes fatal San Diego border shooting
  177. Three inmates injured in Arizona prison melee
  178. Oregon says will not defend state ban on gay marriage
  179. Four dead in attack at Native American tribal office in California
  180. Illinois leads multistate probe of Sallie Mae's student loan practices
  181. California police arrested over car-impound scheme targeting Latinos
  182. Arizona governor vetoes bill widely criticized as anti-gay
  183. Syrup spill sticks Oklahoma commuters in thick traffic jam
  184. Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan
  185. RFK daughter says sleeping pill, car crash memories 'jumbled'
  186. Majority of Americans now support gay marriage, survey finds
  187. Judge rules Texas same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional
  188. U.S. justices say Allen Stanford victims can sue lawyers, brokers
  189. U.S. defense officials report slow progress in sex assault battle
  190. Central Illinois county allows gay marriage, follows Chicago ruling
  191. Google ordered to remove anti-Islamic film from YouTube
  192. US consumer bureau sues college chain ITT over student loans
  193. U.S. attorney subpoenaed Mt Gox, other bitcoin businesses: source
  194. Confused Japanese tourists led Utah police on high-speed chase
  195. Top prosecutor in benchmark-rigging probes to leave Justice Department
  196. Florida man to be executed for trooper's 1992 pipe-bomb death
  197. Sony to shutter 20 retail stores in the U.S.
  198. State Department acted properly on Keystone: report
  199. Arizona governor expected to announce decision on bill critics call anti-gay
  200. Wisconsin man gets three years for sexually assaulting stepsister
  201. Washington state law to aid undocumented immigrant students
  202. Obama pitches plan to fix crumbling U.S. roads, bridges
  203. U.S. top court considers the 'patent troll' problem
  204. Florida man executed for trooper's 1992 pipe-bomb death
  205. Amanda Knox's former boyfriend distances himself in Italian murder appeal
  206. Jailed Cuban agent to be deported from U.S. after release
  207. Obama launches effort to help propel black, Hispanic young men
  208. Boston Marathon heightens security measures after bombing attack
  209. Hundreds of foods in U.S. contain 'ADA' plastics chemical: report
  210. Detroit mayor promises more jobs, less blight for bankrupt city
  211. Singer Loretta Lynn puts out small house fire, prepares for tour
  212. Zimmerman lawyer seeks change in Florida trials on 'stand your ground' law
  213. New trial date expected for Colorado movie theater gunman
  214. Detroit uses stick and carrot to sell bankruptcy plan
  215. Small plane crashes in Hawaii, killing three; three others hurt
  216. U.S. proposes major update to food labels in bid to combat obesity
  217. FBI offers reward over anti-Mormon graffiti attacks in Idaho
  218. U.S. safety regulators open probe of GM's handling of recall
  219. Identity theft leads top consumer complaints in U.S. - FTC
  220. Republicans pick eight cities to compete for 2016 convention
  221. Recreational marijuana proposal certified for Alaska ballot
  222. U.S. senator says labor board should not 'muzzle' lawmakers
  223. Chris Christie allies joke about another traffic jam: documents
  224. British man charged with hacking Federal Reserve computers
  225. Bin Laden son-in-law faces trial in U.S. on terror charges
  226. 'Culture of brutality' in Chicago jail charged in lawsuit
  227. Carjacking ring that resold vehicles in West Africa busted in New Jersey
  228. New York librarian with tools to rape, kill woman was fantasizing -defense
  229. Lawyers argue whether Kennedy's drug-driving error was criminal
  230. Parents of dead teen vow to fight Florida's self-defense law
  231. Well-known father-son pair to bow out after Boston Marathon
  232. Judge sets terms for would-be Reagan assassin's hospital outings
  233. U.S. judge orders Kentucky to recognize same-sex marriages
  234. Islamic cleric plans to testify in own defense at New York trial
  235. Senate panel faults new U.S. law to fight offshore tax dodging
  236. Unauthorized video of U.S. Supreme Court protest posted online
  237. October trial date set for accused Colorado theater gunman
  238. Oklahoma House passes new abortion restrictions bill
  239. At funeral home, 'dead' Mississippi man kicks to escape body bag
  240. Chronically ill facing high drugs costs under U.S. health law
  241. U.S. expands healthy food assistance to women, infants and children
  242. North Dakota latest state to confirm case of deadly pig virus
  243. U.S. rail regulator says talk of Bakken shutdowns is a rumor
  244. Underground fire in Columbus, Ohio sends manhole covers flying
  245. New York jury finds Kerry Kennedy not guilty of impaired driving
  246. Second group files to keep UAW from reversing VW plant vote
  247. Mt. Gox sued in United States over bitcoin losses
  248. U.S. agency warns of urgent need for spending on roads, bridges
  249. No rail shutdowns in North Dakota's Bakken oil fields: U.S. agency
  250. Gunman shot dead outside Florida courthouse: media