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  1. Bills Act HB5580 (BreakDown) Community Bill Development (Farmers Market)
  2. Newburg Law Wins Unemployment Benefits for Fired Medical Marijuana Patient
  3. Help with List of Civil Rights Violations
  4. Bills HB 5580 Amendment NEWEST
  5. Senator WarrenAsks for Ideas
  6. Email Concerning SB377
  7. Supreme court ruliing??? We won I heard
  8. The Death Spiral of the MMMA and Us
  9. Why Did Senate Delay MMJ Issues Until the Fall?
  10. Rough Draft of a Cooperative Bill
  11. Dismissed
  12. Flint voters could see marijuana legalization measure on November ballot
  13. Update: Prosecution Files Brief in People v McQueen
  14. Medical pot, teacher pensions among issues Michigan lawmakers may address this week
  15. Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Judiciary COMMITTEE
  16. One more time pa dump de dump SC Decision :)
  17. Leaders cloudy on how to proceed with medical marijuana ordinances
  18. Brighton Twp. works on medical marijuana rules
  19. Wyoming's medical marijuana ban ruled illegal
  20. City of Flint extends moratorium on medical marijuana businesses
  21. The Bills
  22. Grand Rapids City Commissioners Approve Marijuana Reform Ballot Language
  23. Discussing the bills and their impact
  24. Reforming Medical Marijuana Republican State Representative Mike Callton
  25. How they voted on the bills
  26. JONES (R-Grand Ledge) is looking at a redo of the statewide vote on medical marijuana
  27. Letter to Representative MacMaster
  28. Local Man Believes Kalkaska County Does Not Have a Legal Sheriff
  29. From Brandon McQueen
  30. All of these bills will be before the full Senate tomorrow morning (Sept. 11, 2012)
  31. Senators, phone numbers, pro and con
  32. Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients and Supporter’s Please Call Senate and Urge them
  33. medical pot bill status undecided
  34. Lawsuit Charges State Registry Is Not Complying With State Law.
  35. Marijuana officially decriminalized in Kalamazoo, Michigan
  36. Supreme Court to hear medical marijuana case Brandon McQueen and Matt Taylor
  37. Legalize it? November vote won't change how state cops treat marijuana in Flint
  38. Live now
  39. Video on McQueen Supreme Court
  40. About the Bills, any Bill.
  41. Michigan Vote Medical Marijuana
  42. Kalamazoo medical marijuana dispensaries
  43. Medical Marijuana moratorium is expected to be extended again by Jackson City Council
  44. Looks like the bills are coming up.
  45. Lansing judge dismisses medical marijuana case
  46. The Jackson City Council will vote medical marijuana moratorium Dec. 11
  47. Kent County prosecutor sues Grand Rapids over marijuana decriminalization
  48. Hb 4851
  49. Senators Consider ‘Stone Soup’ Legislation-Walsh bills
  50. Grand Rapids Protestors to Forsyth: 'Respect vote'
  51. HB-4834, HB-4851, HB-4853, HB-4856 Senate vote (12-13-2012)
  52. All 4 House Bills Pass Senate - We Lost!
  53. Changes to the mmmact as a result of legislation passed on 12/13/2012
  54. Senate Dems Drop the Joint
  55. Does new 12/2012 Legislation Take Immediate Effect ?
  56. DecriminalizeGR talks adultery, prostitution in legal brief
  57. HB-4851, As Passed Senate, December 14, 2012
  58. PTSD public hearing video of today Jan. 25 2013
  59. Michigan Court of Appeals says no crime in sharing medical marijuana
  60. Card Processing Time !!
  61. TIMELINE: A short history of Michigan's medical marijuana law
  62. Proposed HB 4271 (Provisioning Center 2.0 or the Callton bill )
  63. Laws Confused..
  64. Ann Arbor Dispensaries are told to close
  65. Michigan marijuana decriminalization bill introduced with bipartisan backers
  66. Bill status summary
  67. watch the Judiciary Committee Meeting..
  68. Review of the Lansing meeting on HB4271
  69. No longer are disability recipeints eligible for reduced fees starting June 2013!
  70. MILegalize Just Another Monopoly Bill