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  1. Bills Searchable database for your senator or reps sponsored bills
  2. Bills Summary of Bills By Session
  3. What's your Prediction on a Possible Poll ?
  4. Rep Barnett - District 37 Coffee Hour to Talk about Your Concerns
  5. State Rep. Roy Schmidt's switch to Republican Party
  6. medical marijuana patients unions....
  7. Health Care - Patients' Rights
  8. Democrats call GOP election bill 'a naked assault on that sacred right to vote'
  9. No more police or fire in allen park
  10. Mission to Syria - Can We Raise Money for Good Cause?
  11. Jackson Council Meeting Tonight?
  12. The Market
  13. Email IDs for Michigan Senators
  14. First Correspondance with the Jackson City Council
  15. Article: Email IDs for Michigan Senators
  16. Comments to the Council on The Supreme Court Decision
  17. Analysis of Current Law and The effect on Local Ordinances
  18. Has any one had BAYANET visit their out garden and leave without pulling plants?
  19. Jackson Farmer Market meeting tonight 7 PM Tuesday June 12th
  20. Michigan Medical Marijuana Cooperative Forming
  21. The Vagina Monologues at the Michigan state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan
  22. Gov. Snyder signs bills banning synthetic marijuana
  23. Medical Marijuana Shop Robbed at Gunpoint
  24. Debbie Stabenow's Farm Bill passes
  25. We Are Number One in Unique Visitors for Medical Marijuana Sites
  26. Detroit Urban Farming / MSU
  27. Michigan State Police to begin removing synthetic marijuana from stores
  28. Police arrest man stealing $40,000 in medical pot Pittsfield Township
  29. Very Disturbing
  30. The -3 does not represent me
  31. Please Stop Brutalizing Patients
  32. Flint, MI And Springfield, MO May Vote To Ease Marijuana Penalties This November
  33. People are Talking about You
  34. Medical marijuana should be left to communities to decide, Mike Callton
  35. Appeals court: Michigan cities, townships can't ban growing, use of medical marijuana
  36. What the Appeals Court Opinion means for local ordinances
  37. Clinton and Gratiot counties
  38. 2012 Official Michigan Primary Candidate Listing
  39. One the issues Michigan politicians views on drugs
  40. Winners and losers in Michigan's contested congressional primaries
  41. Candidate Listings and Elections Results - Local
  42. Old Bill Schutte is still pulling his crap
  43. Three ex-McCotter staffers arraigned on election fraud charges
  44. Macomb Reinstates Medical Marijuana Moratorium, Prepares Permanent Ordinance
  45. Filing a grievance against LARA
  46. medical marijuana convention at clarion in A2 this weekend the 17th--
  47. Medical marijuana plant stolen from Laketon Township home
  48. Contact these senators today!
  49. Who is your representative?
  50. The Fight is On...PSA 1...Talking to Everyone at the Same Time
  51. Michigan Medical Marijuana Review Panel to add new conditions and treatments
  52. Lets start rating our MI reps before the election. We need to get this started now.
  53. Police destroy over 1,700 marijuana plants Covert Michigan
  54. Detroiters to vote on allowing marijuana possession
  55. Wyandotte
  56. Officials say intense marijuana smell emanating from home violates zoning Ypsilanti
  57. Senator Works to Change State Marijuana Laws
  58. Latest bid to recall Attorney General Bill Schuette again involves medical marijuana
  59. Are we wining?
  60. Rick Simpson interviews with Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients.
  61. Should medical marijuana patients, caregivers be able to grow weed in a cooperative ?
  62. Two decades of Grand Rapids mayors endorse marijuana decriminalization
  63. Grand Rapids police chief compares decriminalizing marijuana to legalizing fireworks
  64. TRAVERSE CITY RECORD-EAGLE: Former Ann Arbor medical marijuana doctor faces complaint
  65. Senate callathon at Jackson Market on Tuesday Sept. 25
  66. Tea Party Meeting with District 65
  67. Senate Bill 977 was dead......Jones replied I don't have enough support to move it
  68. ESCANABA City wants list of pot growers
  69. ACLU of Michigan exposes police surveillance cameras being used in residential neighb
  70. Acquital overturned in Genesee County medical marijuana case
  71. We Won yay
  72. The Fight
  73. Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel will meet Friday 12/14/2012 1:00 PM
  74. Michigan Voter Guide: Everything you need to prepare for the November election
  75. POLL for Proposals, anyone have any clue about these?
  76. Michigan Sample Ballot
  77. Michigan Election Results
  78. Police arrest, spray protesters at Mich. Capitol
  79. Troopers with tear gas guard Capitol Lansing Dec. 11 2012
  80. You gotta watch this! A Kent county politician tells them like it is!!
  81. Ex-dispensary owners investigated-Fowlerville-area Marshall Alternatives
  82. Loophole in gun bill means Michigan schools can't ban firearms on premises
  84. Panel Recommends Marijuana for Parkinsonís Disease, more info on PTSD
  85. Michigan Blazed and Confused video (Documentary) HD
  86. 2012 Annual Report Statistics LARA
  87. Michigan Doctor Convicted of Selling Fraudulent Medical Marijuana Certificates
  88. Kent County judge rejects prosecutor's injunction to halt marijuana decriminalization
  89. ACLU Asks Michigan Supreme Court To Hear Medical Marijuana Case
  90. Joe Cain on how medical marijuana helps veterans with PTSD
  91. Marijuana program a windfall for Michigan government
  92. Justice disagrees with medical marijuana opinion
  93. Ann Arbor legislator working on effort to decriminalize marijuana in Michigan
  94. Petition Link PLEASE SIGN
  95. Deja Vu and Other Such Ramblings
  96. Anybody Got the New List for the Reps
  97. State rep to introduce bill to allow medical pot distribution
  98. Proposal Would Pave Way for Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries in MMJ-Friendly Cities
  99. MI Supreme Court Rules in McQueen: MMMA Does Not Protect Patient-to-Patient Transfers
  100. Jackson city council, Jackson is still Open!
  101. Jackson County Board of Commissioners get surprise visit from large group
  102. As I was looking through state of Michigan Journal-Go Rep. Irwin!
  103. Grand Blanc attorney offering alternative plan to keep mmj dispensaries open
  104. Jackson County medical marijuana dispensaries ordered to shut down immediately
  105. Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team Kaya Provision Center stemmed from illegal sales
  106. MediSwipe cashing in on medical pot laws
  107. MediSwipe Inc. Announces Plans for First Patient Certification Centers in State of Mi
  108. Medical marijuana dispensaries raided in G.R.
  109. Judge: Medical marijuana grow and dispensing operations are not above local zoning la
  110. Spring Arbor limits medical marijuana growers to agriculture zones
  111. Medical Marijuana Facility Partners With Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Rapper
  112. Changes to medical-marijuana law kicked in Monday
  113. Michigan Supreme Court to consider city marijuana ban
  114. April 26 Review panel for autism and asthma
  115. Two sentenced to federal prison for Lansing area medical marijuana operations
  116. Six charged in Flushing Township after man shot while chasing suspected medical marij
  117. Paw Paw: public relations and loss (impaired driving charge)
  118. Michigan House OKs welfare drug screening
  119. Judge rules Grand Rapids' marijuana ordinance is valid
  120. Michigan admits major error, dissolves new marijuana conditions panel
  121. After 1,500 days, Redden case is finally resolved (Bob & Torrey)
  122. PTSD denied in Michigan
  123. Suspicion-Based Drug Testing Bill Could Be Bad News For Michigan Medical Marijuana Pa
  124. Michigan State Police Issue New Guidelines On Medical Marijuana June 9, 2013
  125. WTF ??? Discounted disabled MMJ Card fees discontinued !!
  126. Medical marijuana collective tries new model
  127. Det News: Michigan marijuana raids in 4 counties, 22 locations
  128. Laws Local bans go to the Michigan Supreme Court
  129. Time for a Change. Leaders Needed.
  130. Please Fill Out and Mail
  131. MPP Is Coming To Town