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  1. What's the Plan?
  2. The MACC's Dispensary Bill
  3. Our Lobbyist in Action
  4. The Caregiver Elimination Act HB5580
  5. Caregiver Elimination Button Favorite Image of the Day
  6. I have a Dream....Please Quit Abusing the Sick
  7. The House Could Vote Today on the Four Bills
  8. Revisions for 5580 IMO
  9. All Four Bills Clear The House
  10. Opening Up a New Front. Civil Rights Complaints because of HIPPA Violations.
  11. Continuing the conversation with the Reps
  12. Bills HB-4834, As Passed House, May 3, 2012
  13. Bills HB-4851, As Passed House, May 3, 2012
  14. Bills HB-4853, As Passed House, May 3, 2012
  15. Bills HB-4856, As Passed House, May 3, 2012
  16. The protest and the Worst Case Scenario
  17. Tim Beck Said I'm a lunatic. Oh No!
  18. What Is The Next Step For Us? Where To From Here?
  19. You Folks Are Warriors! Updates and Ideas!
  20. Senate news?
  21. Vote on some of the issues today in the Senate
  22. Those Bills are Going to Pass
  23. Today's letter to the legislature
  24. How the House Voted Concerning Our Law
  25. Outdoor Growing Guidelines
  26. The Press. What contacts do we have??
  27. Hunkered Down But Ready to Fight
  28. Send a Message to Federal Legislature to Stop Attacking Medical Cannabis
  29. Dispensary Bill Author Says it is Meant To Regulate Caregivers
  30. Two Year Cards and a Possible Downside
  31. PRPAC Patients Rights Political Action Committee Formed
  32. HB 5580 Amendment
  33. Email-O-Matic Now Online Write Them... Call Them.... Visit Them
  34. Laws Medical marijuana law no defense in federal court
  35. Auction/Fund Raiser is On . May 25th. 6:00PM
  36. We'll Call it a Win in Jackson Tonight
  37. MLIVE Story About Jackson Ordinance
  38. Bills we have an interest in
  39. The Senate Bills Advance...The End of the Act
  40. Our Turn
  41. The Reason We're Having a Rally
  42. The Press Rlease For the Rally
  43. Supreme Court review of medical marijuana case may impact Genesee County dispensaries
  44. I got Published....Article from the 25th
  45. Medical marijuana backers protest proposed Michigan legislation
  46. Fighting for The Jackson Market
  47. Justice Finally.. The Supreme Court of the State of Michigan Defend The People!
  48. Who Will Prosecute Violators of Patient Protections??
  49. Supreme court rulings....whats the final word
  50. Tuesday The Senate Will Take Up The House Bills
  51. Medical Marijuana Civil Rights Violations
  52. How Much has Medical marijuana brought in for the state
  53. Useful Information
  54. All Local Ordinances that Regulate Marijuana Are Illegal
  55. Police: Mid-Michigan Care Givers Club owners arrested on charges of illegal marijuana
  56. After Supreme Court decision, Auburn Hills medical marijuana user withdraws plea
  57. Somebody Tell Komorn to Read The Supreme Court Decision
  58. Michigan Legislators should take Michigan Supreme Court Justices at their word....
  59. We are the Only Organization that Gets it Right
  60. Michigan Court of Appeals rules in favor of medical marijuana patient
  61. Setting up Businesses Sux
  62. I oppose 5580 and I just Told Jamie So
  63. Coming Clean...What it Means to Be a Medical Marijuana Activist!!!!
  64. "medical use" as defined by 'our'law----
  65. The Debate About Dispensaries?
  66. The Leadership Discussing The Destruction of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
  67. Hand Gun + Registry Card
  68. Is The MMMA Right About the Law?
  69. Unambiguous Compliance The MMMA does Bill Schuette's Job For Him
  70. Found a great site!
  71. Home Michigan Marijuana Legalization Fails To Get Enough Signatures
  72. More Research Is Needed Before Medical Marijuana DUI Laws Are Proposed And Passed
  73. People V Kiel...Big Win...In The Court of Appeals
  74. The Effects of SB 504 1000 ft Rule
  75. Time to Step Up and Be Counted....Lead the Movement
  76. Working Hard to Make People Safe
  77. Protest Tees Proceeds to get a UP Bus.
  78. Still Think the Local Option is a Good Thing?
  79. Court of Appeals
  80. The End of a Dynasty The Mighty Has Fallen
  81. Tonight at 7 Medical Marijuana Video Conference
  82. All Bills Clear Comittee
  83. Grand Rapids lawyer: Medical marijuana providers targeted, not protected by Michigan
  84. Sb 1349 Press Release Government Hurting The People
  85. Proof of Disability
  86. Montana Supreme Court to Cancel Medical Marijuana
  87. News channel 3 I-Team: Smoke Screen: The Bills and Dr. Harwell
  88. Happy Thanksgiving
  89. Supreme court just ruled
  90. HB 5580 is a Piece of Crap and sould be Opposed uniti it is modified.
  91. Michigan Representative Introduces Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
  92. Clare County No. 3 in medical marijuana patients
  93. Thoughts on the Dispensary Bill and fairness
  94. Flint - City act against marihuana dispensaries
  95. CNN Video: Driving and Cannabis Use
  96. Grand Blanc approves six month moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries
  97. Medical marijuana law changes discussed in Jackson by visiting attorney Matt Abel
  98. States that have legalized marijuana trying to decide how to regulate market
  99. Flat Rock-Medical marijuana home break-in probed
  100. Ypsilanti-city council member calls for moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries,
  101. New forms from LARA are now available
  102. Medical Marihuana Review Panel next meeting 04/05/2013
  103. Frequently Asked Questions for the Michigan Medical Marihuana Registry Program update
  104. Additional arrest made, warrants issued in connection to police raids on Grand Rapid
  105. Michigan Medical Marijuana Cases
  106. SB 374 Will prevent Nevadans from growing their own!
  107. Judge dismisses marijuana charges after warrant tossed
  108. Unaimous decision by Supreme Court Koon case- under the influence
  109. Citizens for Human Rights Discusses The Secret Meetings and Hb 4271. It's a doozie.
  110. Florida Supreme Court Approves Medical Marijuana Initiative To Go On November Ballot
  111. Holder Announced A Major Shift On U.S MJ Policy
  112. Time To Play Rough - Fun Time is Over
  113. Time To Wake Up Florida and Organize the Vote
  114. Nothing better than a Fight When You're Backed into a Corner
  115. Grand Rapids Raids. Richardsville Signaled PoPo. No Bill
  116. This is Your Website. Use It to Spread Truth and Win Your Freedom.
  117. Just Say No To These 11 Outrageous Arguments
  118. Annapolis Police Chief Apologizes for MJ Misspeak
  119. Law Enforcement Rallies Against Marijuana Bills
  120. Why Wait? Fully Legalize Marijuana Now
  121. MMJ Providers Fear Effects of Wider Legalization
  122. California Democrats Back Marijuana Legalization
  123. Colorado Marijuana Taxes Net State $2 Million
  124. CNNís Gupta To Drop Another MMJ Bombshell Tonight?
  125. The Marijuana Industry Pleads With Congress
  126. The Landscape-Scarring Reality of Pot Farming
  127. Steep Drop in Pot Cases Has Freed Up Resources
  128. Medical marijuana users can grow at home, for now
  129. Marijuana Research Hampered by Access from Gov.
  130. America Is Turning A Corner On Marijuana
  131. Bill Would Loosen MMJ Restrictions in D.C.
  132. Feds Favor Anti-Pot Research
  133. Feds Appeal Medical Marijuana Injunction
  134. What Perfect Marijuana High Would Feel Like
  135. Are Baby Boomers Ready To Give MJ a Second Chance?
  136. Study Finds Signs of Brain Changes in Pot Smokers
  137. Radio Show Tonight~ Join Us Please
  138. Marijuana Has Come A Long Way Since Last 4/20
  139. Join The Show on 04/22/2014. It's Going to be a Hoot
  140. John Paul Stevens Thinks MJ Should Be Legalized
  141. How Bad Is Marijuana for Your Health?
  142. DEA Chief Says Marijuana-Trafficking Spiking
  143. Itís High Time For Canada To Talk Pot
  144. Pot Smoking Stats Real Eye Opener
  145. Federal Government Ordered 1000 Lbs Of Marijuana
  146. Marijuana ĎCaregiversí Getting Little Oversight
  147. Feds May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops
  148. Where The War on Pot Will Go To Die